• Piano Desk Restoration

    Piano Desk Restoration

    This piece came in from a long-time Sonoma county family. It has been in the family since the 1800's; piano (or spinet) desks, so named because they resemble the instrument, were popular back in the mid-19th century.

    They figured prominently in the standard office furniture of the 1840’s and 1850’s, eventually morphing into the roll top desk, also designed to “hide” the clutter on the desk and have lots of pigeon holes for storage. Abraham Lincoln had quite an intricate variation on a piano style desk.

    This heirloom desk came to me in pieces and was missing the fall board. Numerous repairs were made to it, including replacement of the barrel hinges. The most challenging portion of the restoration was the re-creation of the fall board (which sits in the center of the apron when the lid is closed). In my archives I had a beautiful piece of walnut with a fiddleback grain from a dining table @ the 1880’s that worked perfectly. It was meant to be. The piece turned out spectacularly-- if I don't say so myself! Happy, happy, happy….

    It was gifted by my client to a lucky family member and sent to Idaho.

    This is a pre-restoration image of the pigeon holes from inside of cabinet which depicts clearly the sad overall condition of the rest of the piece; unfortunately I have no other before pics.

    Almost done-- piano desk supported by another table to allow me to attach the legs:

    Complete restoration and piece is back at home:

  • Mahogany Cabinet Restoration

    Mahogany Cabinet Restoration

    This mahogany cabinet was dropped by professional movers, who also managed to completely lose a door. I was able to repair the cabinet and then restore it. I recreated a new door with similar wood which was a task because of the special shaping. But the real test was recreating the hardware for it. The hinges were hole and pin size type, and the pull and plate had to mirror the one next to it when the doors were closed.

    This restoration was challenging and engrossing; the joy is in the detail.

    Picked up in Petaluma and delivered to Eldorado Hills, east of Sacramento, CA

  • Indian Hand-Carved Ivory Inlaid Table & Jewelry Box Restorations

    Indian Hand-Carved Ivory Inlaid Table & Jewelry Box Restorations

    These are two of the precious, unique pieces handed down to my client by her late mother who brought them over from India years ago. I rebuilt and restored the table; the jewelry box was cleaned and is again usable with new, antique period hinges.

    These two pieces are excellent examples of the high level of traditional craftsmanship found in older, antique pieces from India. The links above show the enduring popularity of the style; these two antiques are so precious being hand-made and handed-down.

    Picked up from and delivered to Santa Rosa, CA

  • Walnut Bar Restoration

    Walnut Bar Restoration

    This is a family heirloom that the client commissioned me to restore for her son. It was worn out and looked tired and dated. Out of place, there was black plastic piece on the top. I started by totally dismantling it. I replaced the fret work, bottom right front of cabinet, and tended to various other repairs.

    Finally, I added a gorgeous piece of black marble with copper flakes for the top. I cut out the top frame to accommodate it and set it with epoxy. With the new walnut stain and lacquer finish, it really popped. It perfectly showcases the hidden cobalt blue decanter set that is revealed when you spin the door.

    Time to get out the ice!

    Picked up in Santa Rosa, CA and delivered to Gold Run, east of Sacramento, CA