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  • Antique Walnut Secretaire & Hutch Restoration

    Antique Walnut Secretaire & Hutch Restoration

    This secretaire and accompanying hutch were commissioned to me by a long-time client as a wedding gift for her grandson. This piece was built mid-1800's and probably on the east coast. The base was built with solid walnut sides and face frame with yellow pine top, back and interior. The pigeon hole is walnut with Birdseye Maple veneer.

    Secretaire/hutch was picked up in Forestville, CA and delivered to the client’s grandson’s home in Benicia, CA.

    Pic #1:

    Pic# 2 Steaming original felt from writing deck:

    Pic# 3 Clean and ready for new felt:

    Pic# 4 Factory number revealed:

    Pic #5 Showing face board in need of repair of split on one end and hole on the other:

    Pic # 6 Cabinet base doors before repair and strip:

    Pic #7 Joints steamed of glue and ready for repair:

    Pic #8 In repair:

    Pic #9 Doors after repair and strip:

    Pic#10 Preparing for new felt:

    Pic #11 New felt applied, not yet trimmed:

    Pic #12 Trimmed and complete:

    Pic #13 Base of cabinet finished:

    Pic #14 Upper hutch cabinet sides, face frame, crown molding, and doors were built with solid walnut, with top, deck and back built with yellow pine. Side view upper cabinet before strip:

    Pic #15 Front view without doors before strip:

    Pic #16 upper hutch cabinet completed:

    Complete in my shop:

    Secretaire Hutch is snuggled in its new home: